Dear Dr. Sarah,

Just have to take a minute to let you know what a wonderful difference you and your skilled staff have made in my life in such a short time. A couple of months ago my days consisted of heating pads, aspercream, tylenol, and slow deliberate movements….I assumed that being an overactive elder (age 67) this type of back pain was to be expected. A trusted friend convinced me that there was no need to fear chiropractic procedures and that it had helped her, so…..pain being a great motivator, I walked into your clinic. From the smiles of Michelle at the front desk, to the magic fingers of Margo the massage therapist, the soft meditative music playing in the background, and the subtle spiritual decor….I was calm and confident that I’d made the right decision.

Thank you Dr. Sarah for your expertise in your field, for your gentle demeanor, and all the wonderful tips and advice you’ve shared with me. Thanks to all of you my days are now filled with being able to move freely, to get back to gardening, to shop for hours, and to once again dance with my grandchildren.

Gratefully yours