I wanted to take a minute and thank you properly.  I have tried to say something each time I have an appointment but my brain and my mouth as usual don’t work well together.  Kate has always been better with that end of things.  What I have been trying to say is thanks for giving me my life back.  I know that sounds dramatic but it is true.  As you may have gathered I make my living using my body and I have always depended on the fact that it will work the way it should.  I have held fast to the idea that I can fall back on most any physical job if need be. Truthfully I enjoy being outside and can’t see myself ever taking an office job.  That all changed when I felt my back failing me, always seeming on the verge of giving out.  I actually began to contemplate brushing off my dilapidated math skills to look into becoming an accountant (seriously, there are a lot of openings for book keepers).  Then you showed me a way out.  Not an easy way mind you, but something that showed me results quickly.  I have enjoyed coming in for PT, to the point of being a highlight of my week.  And when I leave I feel like I can do anything.  I might have even skipped to my car once or twice.  This is saying a lot since I was quite intimidated when I first met you and anxious about what to expect.  You have made the experience non threatening.  I should be embarrassed about my lack of coordination but I have never felt that way (ok maybe once or twice).  Overall the only two faults I can see are that you make the exercises look too easy and you let me talk way too much about myself.  This is what I wanted to say when I said, “I like coming here.”

Please insert the above statement when I say “thank you” next time.

P.S.  If you ever need a recommendation please feel free to ask, I promise not to get all gushy.