Resources & Links

Looking for something specific? Check out the following websites, or simply contact Living Well Center for Integrative Health by calling 802.658.6092.

  • Chiropods custom orthotics can be made specifically for you and fitted at the Living Well Center for Integrative Health.

  • Nutritional supplements from Davinci Laboratories of Vermont are high-quality, internationally sold, and made in our own backyard.

  • Living Well also carries a supply of vitamins and supplements from Nutriwest, Pure Encapsulations and Bioron – our providers can help you decide on the right supplements to balance out your diet and lifestyle.

  • Living Well is a Pride Center VT SafeSpace facility and makes it our mission “to ensure competent, safe, knowledgeable care for LGBTQ people”. Learn more at the Vermont Diversity Health Project.

  • The Vermont Chiropractic Association has a collection of information and practitioners in Vermont.

  • Mayo Clinic’s medical database is full of information on a wide variety of diseases and syndromes and will walk you through every step of from symptoms and diagnosis to treatments and alternative options.

  • For the scholar in you, look into the National Institute of Health’s research database – PubMed is a vast collection of published, scholarly articles including the latest in research and many of the articles are free in part or full.