Chiropractic with Living Well Center for Integrative Health

During your first visit, the doctors will perform an initial exam and a chiropractic adjustment of the affected area. Their techniques include performing a soft tissue massage and trigger point therapy prior to the chiropractic manipulation. This practice relaxes the muscles around the joints and allows for a gentle, effective adjustment.

Using their medical skill and knowledge of body mechanics and ergonomics, the doctors will work with you to determine the root cause of your symptoms. They may also recommend therapeutic exercises designed to keep your body strong and in balance, or refer you to Physical Therapy for a customized rehab program. This approach leads to a better understanding of your body and puts your good health back in your hands – for the long term. You will most likely experience pain relief within the first few visits.

The Doctors are well versed in the following chiropractic techniques and will work with you to find the treatment options that best suit your needs:

Gentle spinal manipulation

Drop technique

Activator technique

Extremity adjustments


Pelvic blocking