Have toe pain, high arches or wide feet?

Of course most importantly, make sure you are wearing the appropriate sized shoe. Have your feet measured every time you buy new shoes. You need 3 measurements taken when you have your feet measured: 1. Your actual foot length. 2. Your arch length, and 3. The width of your foot. 

Always go with the largest of the measurements for example your foot length may measure an 8 but your arch length is an 8 1/2. You need an 8 1/2 to best fit your foot. 

Also choose a shoe that is wide enough in the toe box. So many shoes squish our toes and we don’t always realize this as we become accustomed to it. This in turn leads to many foot problems which then can also manifest into other problems in the body. including but not limited to  problems with your knees, hips, low back, and even digestive issues. 

Stay tuned for an update for more info regarding your choice of shoe wear.