Hell on Heels

Ouch! We’ve all heard about bunions. 

Most bunions are caused by poor choices and/or poor fitting shoes. A bunion is essentially a dislocation of your big toe joint.  The muscle in the bottom of our foot (adductor hallucis) that pulls our toe to midline becomes tight and strong and its counterpart (abductor hallucis) on the outside of the foot becomes weak and is unable to keep the big toe in a neutral position. The strong adductor hallucis muscle pulls the toe more and more towards the second toe therefore causing a bunion over time. Flip flops or shoes that don’t fit correctly are a contributing factor to this. The reason being is that we are having to overwork our foot to keep a flip flop on our foot. Think how much you are gripping that shoe so that it doesn’t fall off your foot. Your foot is working to keep the shoe on versus helping you to walk normally, continuing to break down the biomechanics of your walking pattern. Over time this can lead to a multitude of problems.

Instead of flip flops consider a sandal or a shoe that has straps to help keep it on your foot and then your foot can go back to work as it was designed to - help you walk.

Stay tuned for more tips on maintaining healthy and functional feet.