If you have just suffered a concussion, it is difficult to consider doing any form of exercise, especially cardiovascular activity. Following a concussion, or mild head injury, the traditional recommendation was to rest, sleep, limit stimulation and physical activity. Recent research has shown that gradual, moderate exercise can help individuals return to their sport and extracurricular activities sooner than rest alone, as well as improve cognitive symptoms associated with a concussion. Now what does gradual, moderate activity mean? The answer…. It depends, it is based on the individual. This is where Physical Therapy can help, with individual based return to exercise/sport, along with vestibular rehab to help improve balance, dizziness and vision, all of which are affected following a concussion. In addition, physical therapy can help address neck pain/ muscle tightness with trigger point therapy and soft tissue work.

Concussion info and how chiropractic can help:

-the structure of the upper cervical vertebrae helps to protect the brain stem. The bony structures allow nerves and blood vessels to flow into the brain to help nourish and support communication between the brain and the body. Nerves responsible for our senses such as balance, vision, sense of smell, and hearing all travel through here. During a concussion, this area is often blocked/ misaligned/ compressed...

An adjustment can help:

— increase oxygen-rich blood to flow back to the brain, increasing awareness, perception, and overall motor and sensory function

—increase flow of cerebrospinal fluid which is important to brain function

—manual muscle work to be muscles around the upper cervical spine can help reduce muscular tension and headaches associated with concussion and the whiplash that often comes with the mechanism of the injury. 

If you have had a concussion, don’t hesitate to call to schedule an appointment with a physical therapist. The sooner the better.